At school I used colourboxes for fun,

And later in life I saw its real colours…

I remember making mud-houses in sand

And also how it guides me now…

I used to draw cartoons

While my teacher was doing Maths-

Now the riddles are easier to solve….

In the eyes of the world around

It was always like being a misfit-

Rather chaotic,

But at last,

Dreams opened better doors to reality!!



Somebody’s trying to survive,

Somebody’s trying to shine:

Let her not be discouraged

By the time’s unquestioned line.

Let her try to rise beyond

And glory to hold in hands;

do not, do not show li’l eyes

The Earthly limits of lands.

‘Çoz these are the eyes that

See big dreams,

Aspire to fulfill all.

These are the people,

concerned about something

Higher to the selfish goal.

They too are human;they love and hate

The things they come across,

But what they love and what they hate,

If they  don’t,

Will bring us a loss!!